Textiles & textile fitting

Soltis, Sunworker, Screen, PVC and Stretch textiles

Textile manufactured to provide high performance thermal protection.

SOLTIS micro-ventilated SERGE FERRARI textiles
Exclusive Précontraint® FERRARI production method. This unique technology gives the textile exceptional qualities in terms of strength and service life.
• Composed of a weft of high tensile strength polyester threads and a twin-sided PVC coating.
• 5 year guarantee.

• Composed of a polyester thread weft and a twin face PVC coating.
• 5 year guarantee.

SCREEN Satin textiles 5500
The widest range on the market, excellent heat protection and mechanical strength.
This textile is available in a choice of 48 twin-sided colours, 5 widths up to 285 cm for large size textiles.
• Very good glare control thanks to its diagonal satin weave, while optimising natural light.
• Economic: 5 widths to optimise the manufacture of fabric panels.
• Health / Safety: Meets the requirements of establishments open to the public.
• 5 year guarantee.

SERGE FERRARI PVC 302 textiles
Ideal for awnings, vertical blinds, baskets, small structures.
• Exceptionally flat
• Durability in time
• Waterproof / Fire class M2
• Easy maintenance
• 5 year guarantee.

Stretch textiles
• High density polyethylene thread (HDPE), woven and UV treated.
5 year guarantee.

Flat textile and blind manufacture / length ≥ 5 m / width 120 to 300 cm depending on the model

card.visuel_220_1.description SOLTIS SERGE FERRARI textile

card.visuel_220_2.description SUNWORKER DICKSON textile

card.visuel_220_3.description SCREEN textile

card.visuel_220_4.description SERGE FERRARI PVC textile

card.visuel_220_5.description Stretch textile

Textile fitting

Manufactured acrylic textiles, thermo-adhesive marking, textile for blinds, pergolas, roof liners, sides

• Manufactured acrylic textiles 300 g/m2 plain/ striped / novelty from the Dickson, Para, Sattler, Latim collections
• Decoratherm manufactured textile: decorative product with heat-retaining properties / 380 g/m2 / width 1.50 m
• Balcony textile : acrylic / 300 g/m2
• Thermal adhesive marking: printing on acrylic or micro-perforated valances.

Our pergola textiles are manufactured in PVC 502, STAM 6002, SOLTIS 96, 92, W96, SUNWORKER CRISTAL, STRETCH and ACRYLIC.
• Rectangular or shaped production with trim or seam + eyelets in the upper part + eyelets on the 3 other sides to thread tensioners onto the framework.
• Velcro attachments on the framework as an option to prevent the textile from lifting and flapping.
• Lacing tensioner and aluminium caravan rail.

Roof lining
• Cabled roof lining.
• Roof lining with trims or sheaths.
• Interchangeable panel roof lining.

• Made-up rectangular side
• Made-up full rectangular side + Cristal 480




Acoustic Batyline

High acoustic performance comfort textile, easy to assemble and remove, suitable for new builds and refurbishments.

High performance acoustic comfort
Thanks to its calibrated micro-thread count, Batyline Aw has unique sound absorption performances for such a thin, light and non bulky material:
• Very consistent acoustic behaviour from basses to trebles.
• Significant reduction in reverberation times
• A suitable response to the comfort requirements of buildings open to the public.
• No specific maintenance

Design and creativity
Batyline Aw, with its woven appearance, is available in a wide range of colours:
• Directly inspired by modern architectural trends.
• Customisable using digital printing.

A reliable and durable composite membrane
Batyline Aw meets building technical requirements and guarantees the long service life of the structure thanks to its exclusive properties:
• High mechanical strength against warping and shocks.
• Insensitive to damp.
• Washable.
• Insertion of technical elements without damaging the material.

Width 2.70 m / 600 g/m2 / wide choice of colours / fire class M1 / 100 % recyclable



Batilyne open air

Comfort textile for garden seats

Width 1.80 m / 500 g/m2